Everything, you need to make your product idea real…

Our start-up support service provides you with all the technical and intellectual information you need to transform your product ideas into completed physical products. With our engineering practices and technical research activities we would be happy to work with you on development of your product idea no matter what you need during this process for instance your investment quests, patent applications and mass production demands. We promise to make your dreams come true with our dedication and hard work without making you deal with engineering problems.

Since there may be need for product development in many different fields, we also get support from our reliable business partners, the experts in their fields, with whom we have signed a protocol. It is very important in this competent environment to keep the projects in progress confidential until they become commercialized.Confidentialityis our top priority.

Product development requires great attention and discipline. One of Tulga’s reasons to be is to prevent project owners from getting lost in technical details and terminating their projects. We aim to realize these projects which can create value for our country.

We respect your ideas and we are here to protect them. Now you know where to go for your ideas which can be a great market success such as “cradles that automatically rock your babies to sleep when they start crying in the middle of the night.”