We support creative ideas and work hard to create additional values beyond desired. We offer alternative ways that can make a difference for our customers and our own employees. Our priority is not selling more products but creating more value.


We are the new generation of an artisan family for years. The professional knowledge of three centuries ago is of course no longer valid today, but what remains the same is our honesty that we provide and will provide in all our services.


Each new project is equally exciting for our customers and us. We share information and experience valuable for each other knowing that we will create value together during the process. We also discuss possible problems, which creates mutual trust. In our customer relationships, we act with the idea that we are in the same team, so our customers become our teammates. Our motto is: “How can we help you?”. We enjoy what we do and would like to build long-term relationships.


Creative ideas unfortunately lose value or go to waste with wrong approaches. We have a solution- oriented approach to the problems that may emerge in each project. We analyze needs and problems in detail and try to find alternative solutions, which enables us to create value for ourselves, our customers, and society.


We are aware that Research & Development activities should be conducted in utmost confidentiality due to the fierce competition in the market. The projects are conducted under mutual protection of Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).


We know that repeating the existing systems and same solutions will not create value for products, our customers and us. We believe each of our R&D projects should have at least one innovative aspect. Our team continuously search for new developments, as a result of this we not only offer the best we can, but also beyond of it.