• We have witnessed many products and business ideas that could be successful were thrown away if wrong methods had been applied. The starting point of Tulga was this fact. As the experts in the field, we eliminated the main problem and found the balance between industrial product design and mechanical design.

  • If you have been working and designing in the same field for a long time, this may cause business blindness and prevent you from having new viewpoints about your project. We offer fresh perspectives for your projects thanks to our collaboration with numerous independent sectors that use diverse materials and have different technological and production stages.

  • Our particular strength is technical drawing. We have talented design engineers who have degrees in the field from reputable universities and who are skillful enough to produce items with hand files in shop floors. That is why the designs we offer are producible designs based on solid manufacturing rules.

  • Product design and industrial design combine art and science, two fundamental disciplines that develop mutual benefits for the user and the producer. Good product design should consider user needs and demands, limitations, material processes, and market dynamics while integrating engineering and production requirements.

  • We are passionate about what we are doing, so we are working hard to create value for our customers and push our own limits.

  • We believe that all negotiations with our customers should be honest and transparent.

  • Our primary and constant duty is to facilitate launching new and innovative products into the market.

  • Our success lies in providing quality service to sectors as diverse as medical, defense, electronics, and automotive which need special expertise and have specific requirements.